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July 23, 2020
TVS Apache RTR 160 Feature Review

TVS Apache RTR 160 Feature Review

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The Apache RTR 160 is the first sports motorcycle from the Apache series. The motorcycle has been designed for racing purposes and features muscular and edgy design make the bike quality more aggressive and fashionable. The framework and the body shape of this easily can attract most of the bike lovers. The robust fuel tank has added some extra beauty to this sporty bike. 

The TVS Apache RTR 160 has a muscular tank with extended shrouds, powerful engine cowl, and stylish tail design. The motorcycle gets outstanding racing graphics decals to reflect its racing nature. The rear end looks are quite distinct as well the front ends also. 


The TVS Apache RTR 160 gets 159.7 cc air-cooled, single-cylinder engine and it can gain maximum power output of 15 bhp at 8,500 rpm and a peak torque output of 13.1 Nm at 4,000 rpm. The engine has a 5-speed gearbox and 6 numbers of gears. 

The engine has a power delivery chain system with the meat of the torque available at just 4,000 rpm. The Apache RTR 160 can raise the maximum speed at 118 km per hour. The motorcycle is a good city commuter even in a busy traffic area. And its low-end torque and can also be used for those weekend-long rides.


The TVS Apache RTR 160 offers a combo package of power and mileage which makes it an ideal motorcycle for city conditions. The motorcycle offers you average mileage of 50kmpl which is enough for any bike rider. The fuel tank can hold about 13 litre fuel, and you can make a long trip with the full tank of this bike. The mileage capability is also standard. Based on the two years' experience of this bike riding; it is proved that this bike can be ridden 60 km per one litre fuel. 


  1. Apache RTR 160 is designed with a host of premium features. It has LED daytime running lights and a digital instrument cluster with a lap timer and analogue tachometer. 
  2. The engine displacement is quite powerful and it sits on double chassis for superior handling on the road or even the undulated roads.
  3. What’s about the braking system of this bike? The braking system is handled by a 270 mm petal disc at the front and an optional 200 mm disc at the rear. The motorcycle gets instead of general wheels, all-black 6-spoke alloy wheels. The telescopic front forks and Inverted Gas-filled at the rear ensures a comfortable ride.
  4. It has an antilock-braking system that makes the bike quite classic and distinct from others. All types of measuring meter are digitally made. 
  5. The bike also will give you the facility of fuel warning indicator as well as a fuel gauge. It has also a pass light facility which allows you to overtake vehicles safely. 

TVS Apache RTR 160 offers a standard balance between performance and mileage coverage. The motorcycle handles do well while you are riding on the rough road and it is comfortable for city commutes. But a smooth and stylish engine could have been a plus point. Overall, it’s an excellent.

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