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July 23, 2020
TVS Apache RTR 160 4V FR Feature Review

TVS Apache RTR 160 4V FR Feature Review

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TVS Apache bike has offered the new bike named TVS Apache 160 4V. The popularity of this bike is increasing day by day. The extreme feature of this bike easily attacks most of the bike lovers. The robust size fuel tank and the lower seating position make this bike distinct from others. TVS bike brand has launched this bike for most of the bike lovers within favorable prices.

 About Design

 There are just two main aspects of a motorcycle – how it looks, and how it goes. We have already discussed the outstanding look of this bike, now let's start with something that will take into account everything right from the moment you swing a leg over the saddle to the point of hitting the redline in top gear. This is the best bike from all the bikes of Apache series. The edge on the fuel tank will make you very pleasured while you are riding this bike even in the undulated roads.

 Engine and Transmission

The bike has got a powerful engine ever. It has a single-cylinder air-cooled engine and it can produce the maximum torque and speed. It can provide with 114-kilometer maximum speed. The maximum torque this bike is 14.8 Nm at 6500 RPM. The kerb weight of this bike is 143 Kg. The engine of this bike is quite heavy and durable enough to give you the long-lasting assurance.

Fuel Tank

About fuel tank; the fuel tank of this bike is robust in size and it can hold about 14 liter that is enough to ride on it short or long distance. The edge on the fuel tank adds some extra beauty to this bike and the classic design of this bike will make you very happy to be the owner of this bike. The low fuel indicator and the low oil indicator has been used through the bike.

 Key Features and Safety

The bike has ABS and the speedometer, odometer trip meter all of these are digitally configured. The handling system of this bike is quite good enough to face any uncertainty while you are riding on the busy road. Footrest and pillion grabrail make the journey quite comfortable and the anti-theft alarm will protect bike to be stolen.

This bike is easy to ride-on and the highway mileage average is 50 kilometer per liter and the bike takes only a few seconds to claim its top speed. The braking system of this bike is also quite good and the braking system of this bike makes it quite different than other bikes. Are you ready to buy this bike?


The headlight of this bike is made of halogen with an LED position lamp and LED system tail lamp has been used to this bike. The battery type is maintenance-free and it has low fuel indicator capacity and the battery capacity is 12 volt and I think that is enough to easily ride on it. The tires and both of the wheels of this bike are made of alloy. And the tire type is tubeless that makes the bike classic and standard.

At Last

The upper surface of the tire of this bike is designed with spikes that help you to create friction enough while you are riding even on the undulated road. I have been riding this bike for 2 years and undoubtedly can you that it is the best bike ever because the riding experience is a beggar description and when I didn’t find this bike. It is amazing and the long seat position makes the journey comfortable for the passengers and the handling system of this bike is quite good and it will help you to face any uncertainties while you are riding on the road even on the busy traffic City.

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