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July 22, 2020
Suzuki GSX-S 150 Feature Review

Suzuki GSX-S 150 Feature Review

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Suzuki is known as one of the two first-rate Japanese motorcycle manufacturers. It has also the pride through all over the world because this two-wheeler has contributed to bike riding in the rest of the world.  This Suzuki GSX S150 bike has been launched almost all over the world. This is the product of the 150 cc series. The motorcycle is a unique type of motorbike that is used for sports activities especially. And there is quite several 150cc sports activities motorcycles are currently to be had in Bangladesh.

External Features

The external feature of Suzuki GSX S150 is not so bad, it is quite well. This bike gets the LED headlight and LED taillight. The handlebar is very comfortable to ride on it safely. Switch gears are digitally configured. One of the standard functions of the motorcycle is; the has ignition gadget without ignition. The bike is quite small in length but muscular frame-shaped gives strong and extremely good looks. The fuel tank of this bike gets a robust shape and it can hold around 14-liter fuels at a time. The fuel tank has been grafted with a red spot and that makes the bike very aggressive and smarter from others.

Engine Performance

The acceleration of the bike is too good to assist on the spot velocity with a totally short time. The engine of the bike gets the functions of single-cylinder, liquid-cooled, four-stroke. The specific element is; four-valve engine with the modern-day gas injection era included. The bore is greater than the stroke. Having higher strength and torque, the bike obtains the maximum speed within a completely brief time. The engine transformation of the Suzuki GSX S150 bike is 147.3 cc but the performance shows like that a 155cc engine holder bike. The engine can produce top speed within a brief time.

Dimensions and Seating

The motorcycle Suzuki GSX S150 is not so large, it’s body relatively shorter than the most to be had bikes inside the Suzuki family. The long period of this bike is 2020 mm, while the width of this bike is 700 mm and the peak is 1075 mm. The seat height of this bike is widespread which is 785 mm. And the ground clearance of this bike is standard in size. The weight of the bike is 131 kg and that isn't so heavy that’s why the bike can be controlled within a moment. The is too short to carry the pillion. One rider alone can ride this bike easily.

Suspension and Brakes

The suspension quality along with the braking performance of this bike is beggar description. Even though the bike does not possess the seat for the pillion, but there is a good suspension system for the pillion. The rider with one pillion can ride this bike with a full package of comfort cause the suspension will give the pillion along with the rider the up-spring feeling while you are riding with this bike. The bakes of this bike are superb. Both brakes will allow you to face any unpredictable incidence.

Mileage Average

The mileage of GSX S150 is comparatively higher than the other bikes in the Suzuki family. The mileage average can be varied with the change of road behavior. If you ride this bike on the highway then it will give you the 40 km per hour mileage average but in the time of riding in the busy roads then it will give you a comparatively smaller mileage average and that is 35 km per hour. It can be also varied from the riders riding behavior also.


The motorbike will now help you to capture the top velocity within a brief time. The tail light of this very is very particular in a feature that makes the motorbike something special for the riders. Most of the riders have given their evaluations positively. And as I am a lively rider of this bike, I am additionally recommending you purchase this motorbike within a completely quick time.

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