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July 22, 2020
Suzuki Gixxer Feature Review

Suzuki Gixxer Feature Review

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The Gixxer was the right shot within the arm for Suzuki when it came to entering 2014. In fact, not only did it act for the Japanese manufacturer, but the bike also went on to become one in every of the bestselling 150 cc motorcycles within the country. Style and Building capacity of this bike is very well and you will get enough pleasure from this bike. The bike is quite different based on the external and internal features of this bike.

Style and Design

This is a much updated bike ever. We put the bike through our trial scalpel to figure out if the new bike can continue the 'Gixxer' legacy. Style and Build. Suzuki has tweaked the overall design by revising body panels and also the styling of the fundament, but the bike's overall silhouette is that an. equivalent. The manufacturer didn't want to mess with a formula that has worked well for it so far. The gorgeous looking of this bike easily can hit the heart of the riders.

Engine Category

The bike gets a powerful engine which power specification is 154.9 cc. This bike easily can heat the topmost speed within a very few seconds. The bike can produce the maximum top speed and the maximum torque in the same rpm. Can you imagine it? You can ride Suzuki Gixxer bike at a speed of 130 km per hour. It takes only a few seconds to get the maximum speed. The air-cooled, 4-strokes engine has been used to this bike.


Performance thus tapers off as you cross the 90kmph mark and in any case, the bike takes a yawning 21.6 seconds to hit 100kmph. In-gear performance is impressive, though fueling could are slightly crisper. The Gixxer also impresses on the fuel efficiency front and returned 48.43kmpl in our city test and 54.63kmpl on the highway. Ride and Handling. We have always liked the Gixxer for its dynamics which are some things that haven't changed, despite the 2019 Gixxer employing a revised chassis which has made the bike 4kg heavier.


The bike is electrically very fit for any circumstances. It can face any of the uncertainties. Halogen type headlight and the taillight is also very well to make the bike very attractive and aggressive. Digitally arranged all measuring meters have been used to this bike. MF type 12 V battery has been inserted to this bike by the Japanese manufacturer company. The bike can be used even in the dense fog. The taillight has been attached to the rear brake of this bike which makes the bike something special. When you touch the rear brake then the tail light will be on.

Tyre and Brakes

 The bike's overall dimensions have changed marginally still, though you will be ready to barely tell the difference of bike and is quick to vary direction, rather like before, due to the well-tuned suspension setup that provides an honest mixture of ride and handling. The suspension soaked up most potholes on Mumbai's rain-battered roads well, though the larger ones did transmit a variety of the shocks to my body. The Gixxer is now shod with newer MRF tyres called the Zapper FX which require slightly warming up before offering their full grip, which can be a touch little bit of a letdown on the handling front. The brakes are very hard and the brakes diameters are compatible with the body shape of this bike.


The bike possesses the maximum power of its engine will help you to win any competition in the bike race. It is a naked sports bike. The bike is very lightweight to that the riders can easily control this bike by pressing the brakes. The bike will help the rider to ride on it even in the village rough roads. This will give you amazing feelings if while you will ride with this bike. 

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