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Suzuki Gixxer Dual Tone Feature Review

Suzuki Gixxer Dual Tone Feature Review

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I think Suzuki Gixxer is one of the most popular bikes in Bangladesh. I have bought it and I have been using this bike for 3years. A standard bike was my need and my dream both. Based on several inspections, I like the Suzuki Gixxer Dual Tone so, I bought it. This bike is the updated version of the Suzuki Gixxer Mono Tone bike. This is known as the best commuter bike because of its aggressive look and speed. Based on three-years riding experience now I am only sharing my own opinion.

How it looks

Suzuki Gixxer Dual Tone Motorcycle – 154.9 CC is designed to provide with a sporty and dashing look - from its futuristic-looking aluminum exhaust end cover, new clear lens indicators and heavy wheels gives it a classic look and edgy look, guaranteed to appeal to all motorcycle lovers! The body shape is so aggressive and attractive. The upright handling bar makes the bike more premium and fascinating.

Mileage and Electrical

The mileage average of this is not so good; 40 km per one-Liter fuel. I think this is very poor mileage rate comparatively other bikes of Suzuki brand. The bike can gain top speed at 130 km per hour. And the 12 V MF type battery has been used to supply the relevant energy while you are riding on this bike. The bike also has dashing tail lamp and turn signal lamps. And the turn signaling sound is so sweet I like it very much.

Key Features

The bike possesses the muscular fuel tank and X-shape tail light. There is a fuel indicator digital meter and 5-spoke alloy split wheels. The bike gets the top speed from the 5-speed gearbox through the chain. The speedometer, tachometer and gear indicator display has been made of digital systems. But this is a matter of sorrow that there is no low fuel or low battery indicator that may bring troublesome while you are riding in the long journey.

Tyres and Brakes

Both of the wheels and tyres are made of Aluminium alloy and those are strong and stable enough to easily ride on the undulated roads. The bike has offered a dual disc or dual-tone braking system that makes the bike more premium and fascinating than others one. The front brake is disc sharp at 266 mm and the rear one is 130 mm drum shape. The tight braking system and heavy tyres will help you to face any uncertainties while you are riding alone in the busy city or being trap in the traffic jam.

First Riding Experience

The riding experience at first is unbelievable and full of enjoyment. When I started to ride this bike at the first day of bike buying, I thought I will ride the small to test it but I ride about 25 kilometers at a time. My younger brother has also given the positive review about the bike based on his riding experience. And I will also rate this bike 5 out of 5.

The Suzuki Gixxer Dual Tone Motorcycle has offered the premium design and standard quality riding experience to the bike lovers. And most of the bike holders have given the positive review about this. Expect the poor mileage average, the bike is fit for all types of sports and rough riding on the undulated roads. Don’t be late to buy this bike. The premium features and dashing suspension are waiting for you just take it.

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