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July 22, 2020
Roadmaster Rapido Feature Review

Roadmaster Rapido Feature Review

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Roadmaster Rapido maybe a newborn motorbike producing whole in Bangladesh although, it’s thought to be the native whole however they accustomed import most elements of bikes from China. So, the merchandise of the Roadmaster area unit usually known as Chinese merchandise to this point.

 Recently, the usage of Roadmaster merchandise is increasing in Bangladesh owing to their low-cost value tags and a few different wanting merchandises. They need additionally a sports class bike that consists of a 150 cc phase.

How the bike looks like

Roadmaster Rapido is an incredible wanting naked sports bike that's aggressive to appear at. The fuel tank is muscular and therefore the form of it and external kit of the tank provides a speedy look. It’s a protracted and comfy seating position however not thus high because of the sports class. The seat isn't split in the least. Its associate engine guard and each front and rear tyres area unit wide enough. Besides, it's an associate aggressive style light source and flashy bar. Seat grab rail of the bike is additionally engaging. Overall, the bike is thus smart to appear at.

Engine performance

Roadmaster Rapido is battery-powered by a 150 cc engine and although it’s liquid ecstasy power and max force area unit nevertheless to be far-famed however considering its reportable prime speed that might be reliable. The engine of the bike consists of four-stroke, cool and one cylinder additional. Most of the sports bike includes a liquid-cooled engine however Rapido has associate cool engine to this point. The body of the bike is so smart and its in-built howler possibility then, the sound of the bike is damn smart.

Dimensions and Chassis Type

It appears RoadmasterRapido may be a bit little long however breadth and height area unit nice. It’s the smart curbing weight that is a 140 weight unit and therefore the fuel tank will contain nearly twelve liters of fuel. Seats don't seem to be split then, two-person will simply ride on the bike. The chassis of this bike is digitally configured and the riding experience of motorcycle depends on the chassis type of a particular bike. The dimension of Roadmaster Rapido bike also ideal and the body shape of this bike goes side by side with the height and weight of this bike.

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