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July 23, 2020
Race Fiero 150 FR Feature Review

Race Fiero 150 FR Feature Review

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Race Fiero 150 FR is the aggressive looking bike in Bangladesh. This is a sports bike and engine transmission of this bike is 150 cc and it can claim 11.2 to BHP power at 5000 RPM along with 9.8 torque at 8500 RPM. The kerb weight of this bike is 149 kg and I think it is enough to handle any situation while you are riding on the busy road.

How it Looks Like

The company has launched this bike and this bike is quite similar to the KTM bike. But the classy looking and the premium performance of this bike make this distinct from the KTM bike. The most of the bikes get the single-cylinder, air-cooled engine but something different is here! The engine specification of this bike is quite distinct from others and here liquid-cooled engine is used. Based on engine performance the bike has 150 cc engines which is liquid-cooled and it takes only a few seconds to get the maximum speed. Two valves have been used per cylinder and the power transmission system is quite different than others. The wet multiple clutch system is used to this bike.

Dimensions & Seating Position 

The length of the bike is 2025 mm and the width of this bike is 770 mm and the height of this bike is 1071 mm and that is ideal for most of the bike lovers.  Race Fiero 150 FR people who are short in size they can easily ride this bike because of its lower height. The 150 ml ground clearance has been used to this bike and the handlebar of this bike is easy to use and easy to ride on it. This is a powerful engine it has durability, stability, and standard mobility. The stroke and bore ratio of the bike is standard and the automatic transmission system has been used to this bike.

Suspension & Brakes 

The front suspension of the bike is Telescopic USD and the rear one is the mono-shock suspension system. The front brake of the bike is hydraulic and the real one is the drum system and both the suspension and brakes of this bike will help you to safely ride even you are riding in the busy cities. The chassis along with the suspension is ideal in size. 

Mileage Average

Due to comparatively lower power, the bike claims the maximum speed within a few seconds and the mileage of this bike is quite good about 45 kilometers with 1-liter fuel. Based on my personal experience; I have been using this bike for 2 years and I have got 45 kilometers per hour mileage average but the official specification says that only 35 kilometers per liter average will be given through this bike.

Instrument Panel and Features

 All the feature of this bike is quite different from others. The speedometer, tachometer, fuel indicator all of these are digitally categorized. The most important thing is; the bike has a gear indicating. The body framework of this bike gives the classic and eye-catching feature to this bike. All of the instruments of this bike have been imported from China. 


The bike has a high specification and its engine system, the performance of this bike is quite good; suspension of this bike makes your journey more comfortable and enjoyable also. The price of this bike is favorable so easily you can afford this bike within your limited budget. There are three colours available in the showroom and you can easily choose one of them. But I am personally recommending you to choose the red one because this is very classic and standard in features.

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