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July 22, 2020
Hero Hunk Feature Review

Hero Hunk Feature Review

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Hero Hunk has got telescopic hydraulic shock absorbers in front and Nitrox GRS suspensions at the rear. The new looking bike easily can draw the kind attention of others. This bike is going to be a new attachment to the hero motorcycle family. The features of this bike are quite different from others of the Hero bike family. Red and green colors are available in the market. The bike is so much light to ride on it. And the bike will give you extra enjoyment while you will ride even on the busy roads.

How it Looks Like?

The muscular look of this bike will help you to survive and keep the higher position in its segment till now. The diamond chassis, sharp muscular oil tank, along with stylish headlamp makes the bike more attractive form others. LED backlight adds some extra beauty to the look of this bike. Besides the looks, the classic performance of this bike is another reason why this bike is called a bull. The bike easily can attract the mind most of the bike lovers cause the bike is very much attractive and aggressive. It will help the riders to easily ride on it.

Engine Specification 

The bike has got the 149.2 cc air-cooled, 4-strokes, single-cylinder engine. This is very much powerful. And the Hero Manufacturer has launched two types of hunk edition. One is Hero Hunk single while another is Hero Hunk double. Both of the editions have the extra-ordinary features along with the outstanding supper speed capability. The front and rear braking system of this bike is very tight and hard it will help you to control the bike an any unpredictable situation.


It gets 12V battery and 35W halogen bulbs as a headlight along with LED backlight. It has 5-speed gearboxes along with the chain-drive power transmission facility and the ground clearance of this bike is 163 mm. The Hero bike producing company has suggested as powerful grade engine oil for this particular bike. The bike has an engine kill switch and this switch will allow you to switch off your bike engine without the help of the key.

Controlling and Handling System

The handlebar position of the bike is very much attractive and it is so much easy to control and it will give better confidence to the rider. The handling system of this bike is like an executive commuter bike. So, the bike will help you to control this bike at any uncertainties that may happen on the busy road. It will give you a smooth driving experience with better mileage performance. If you ride the bike on the highway by accelerating on several sudden occasion then you will not get this type of fuel-efficient mileage. About 40-50 km per hour mileage average you will get from this bike. Even in the busy city road, you will get the premium mileage performance. 

Braking System and Seat Position:

It has double hydraulic breaks but the front brake performs well enough while the rear brake is none but a wastage and also avoidable in some particular circumstances. This rear brake makes the bike very aggressive and fashionable along with the wheel skid is too much in several breaking time after a speeding situation. : This bike is almost the highest comfortable bike according to the seat position. Both the rider and the pillion get the extra enjoyment while they are riding in the long run. Even in the long-time journey on the highway, you will get the outstanding facilities from other bikes of its segment.


 As it is a problem that this bike gets the standard rim size that will you the enjoyment while you are riding with the bike. Then it has also another big issue about the thin wheel at its rear. This problem can be solved by using an LED projection bulb which I am currently using for one year and satisfied.


The Hero Hunk is the best bike ever. This bike is available in two colors. You can choose easily one of them. The bike is ready to serve its better performance. I have been using this bike for 2 years. And truly this bike has allowed me to feel the riding full of enjoyment. Are you ready to buy this bike? I hope you are ready enough to purchase this bike within your favorable budget. 

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