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July 23, 2020
H Power RoxR Feature Review

H Power RoxR Feature Review

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H Power is a newly motorcycle importer which can be called a newborn two-wheeler brand in the country as well. They have several motorcycles on the market which are available. Among all the bikes, one or two are much advanced and well known. We consider H Power RoxR is the best bike among all the H Power in Bangladesh which has become very popular within a short time. Now, in recent times the company, H Power is planning to launch a new bike with extremely sports looking. The bike is so much dashing and stylish named H Power RoxR. It is basically a 150 cc classic, a standard bike that will release within a reasonable budget.

Design & looks

H Power Rox R 150 is a dashing and aggressive looking standard bike. It has a distinct and muscular design fuel tank along with a small aggressive kit attached. It has a naked shape body which consists of a single plate but a sporty seating position. There is an eye-catching and attractive grab rail attached with a pretty long and standard handlebar. The headlamp and the tail lamp are aggressive and attractive. Besides, it has a muscular and powerful engine guard which makes the looks more aggressive.

Engine performance

 H Power Rox R 150 has an aggressive and powerful 150 cc engine which consists of one cylinder, four-stroke, and air-cooled technology. The max power and max torque are considering its top speed they would be great from others. It can claim more than 110 mph top speed reportedly. The great thing is; the H Power RoxR motorcycle has a carburetor fuel system and both electric and kick-starting methods added to the bike.

Dimensions & seating position

 H Power Rox R 150 is a standard and measured bike. It has a standard dimension added to make the bike more attractive. The seat is long enough and the fuel tank is bigger and it can contain much fuel. Considering a long, sporty and comfortable and narrow seat almost two passengers can ride on the bike. The bike has front and rear tire guards attached which has added some extra beauty to this bike.

Instrument Panel & Features

H Power Rox R 150 motorcycle has both digital and analog improved instrument console attached. There are some facilities of the speedometer, digital odometer, low fuel indicator, fuel gauge, rpm meter, headlamp, tail lamp and turn lamp added. Its battery capacity is enough for supplying all the energy and it is 12V, 5Ah.

Suspension & Brakes

 The bike H Power Rox R 150 has telescopic type suspension in the front where the rear suspension is twin shocks. The suspensions are comfortable for considering the brand. Besides, it has front hydraulic and strong disc brake attached and rear tight drum brake added. The tires are tubeless and wheels are also made of alloy. There are no facilities of ABS or CBS system added.

 It has been proved that H Power Rox R 150 will provide more than 45 km mileage per one-liter fuel. The bike is 150 cc and its configuration and body features are very good. The price of this bike is also affordable and you easily buy this type of bike and enjoy the better riding experience.

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