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July 23, 2020
Bajaj V15 Feature Review

Bajaj V15 Feature Review

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The new Bajaj V15 is the India based bike maker’s answer to all the requirements of bike lovers. And to stand out in the crowd of the motorcycle world, this mass-market commuter motorcycle now comes in a fancier avatar with dashing features. The V15 is placed between the Bajaj Discover 150 F and the Pulsar 150 but it has a confused identity to its body features; it doesn’t know what genre of motorcycling it belongs to. But, the biggest talking point about the V15 – at least in Bajaj’s books – is the use of a tiny amount of metal has been used for the making of all V15 fuel tanks.

What it looks like

I think this motorcycle is quite different from the other motorcycles of Bajaj brand. 149.5 cc engine displacement will give you the extra enjoyment while you are riding on it. The available colors of this motorcycle are Pearl White, Ebony Black, Heroic Red, Ocean Blue. I bought the heroic red one that time within my limited budget. I have been using this bike for three years. I have tasted more than five types of bikes by riding but it seems that the riding experience of Bajaj V15 was much better than others.

How does it ride?

It was a remarkable experience while I was riding this bike for the first time. Get moving and the Bajaj V15 motorcycle lack of weight, its trendy nature and the easy leverage system, makes it a fun bike to filter through traffic jam in the busy city. It weighs 135.5kg kerb weight making it one of the lighter 150cc motorcycles than the other ones. The telescopic front forks and gas-charged twin shocks at the rear suspension have adequate travel and have well-damped characteristics that will give the better riding experience. For those looking at commuting over long hours in the city, the V15 should work really well to ride on it.

What should you buy this

I like the motorcyle very much for its trendy features. You should also know the specification of this bike to take a wise decision for buying this bike. Be fast to buy the Bajaj V15 if you are searching for a motorcycle for the busy city that’s unique, fresh, dashing and comfortable. Bajaj has hit the right note in the market with the launch of the V15 with a surprising price offer. I myself have inspected this bike about fuel consumption. The following bike will allow you to travel 55 miles per one-liter fuel. I think it should be your wise decision if you decide to buy this bike within a very short time.​​​​​​​

Key Specifications

Both ignition and transmission system is manual in this bike and that has seemed negative to me. The headlight is halogen type and the tail or other lights are bulb system. Tubeless tyres have been used to this motorcycle. The most significant point is; the bike has not  the digital speedometer or tachometer along with it has not the fuel indication system. The front and the rear brakes are disc and drum type respectively. Wet, multi plated clutch has been used through the motorcycle.utch has been used through the motorcycle.

Final words

I think the overall features of this bike is quite well relevant to its price. But I am satisfied enough about the engine sound of this motorcycle. After a few days of buying this motorcycle I felt the engine sound related problem of this bike; the engine of this bike roar hard that irritate me while I am driving. This is a minor matter I think, you can buy this V15 motorcycle of the bajaj brand to meet up your dream about motorcycle riding. The overall body shape and size make the bike quite distinct from the other motorcycle.

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