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July 23, 2020
Vespa VXL 150 Feature Review

Vespa VXL 150 Feature Review

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Vespa has been launching all type of bikes from its origin. They have had reasonably good sales of bikes as well as considering their positioning in the premium segment. At a time, they launch several types of bike and offer the people within favourable prices. They are always ready to serve the best services in the field of bikes. Recently they have been launching their scooter in Bangladesh. Vespa VXL 150 is one of their scooters.


 This is a very stylish scooter and the framework of the scooter is very well. The engine displacement of this bike is also quite well and overall the configuration of the bike can easily draw the attention of any bike rider. This is a thin and white slim bike which looks very aggressive and attractive. The wheel shape and size make the bike distinct from others. The popularity of this bike is increasing day by day all over the world especially in India, Bangladesh, and China. There are five colours available in the market; yellow, red, matte black, white, and blue are available in the showroom. You can choose one of them easily.

Engine and Transmission

 The bike gets 150 cc engine which is very powerful and single cylinder. There presents a power cylinder with three valves. The mileage per litre of this bike is 45-kilometer mileage, 90 kilometres per hour max speed can claim within a few seconds. The maximum torque is 11.5 @ 5500 RPM while the maximum power of the bike is 11.4 BHP @ 7000 RPM. The engine of this bike is very light but very powerful and durable.


 The brake and suspension system of this bike is very well. It is derived from a single side with anti-drive characteristics are used as front suspension, while the rear suspension is dual effect hydraulic shock absorber. In case of the braking system of this bike. It is very tight and it can save you from any uncertainties. The front brake type is disc while the rear one is drum shape. The break is quite well and very hard.


 The bike has halogen system light and bulb LED has been used as a light and turn signalling lamp respectively. The battery type of this bike is maintenance-free and 12-volt battery capacity has been used to this bike. It has a great thing that is low fuel indicator adds some extra beauty to this bike. But there is a matter of sorrow, that there has not LED tail light. The battery life of this bike is very high you can enjoy riding a long time with this battery. The analogue speedometer has been used to this bike but the diameter and gear indicator are absent in this bike. 


The bike has a fuel warning indicator along with fuel meter and low oil indicator also but one thing; there is no low battery Indicator. The trip meter type of this bike is digital while the speedometer type of this bike is analogue. There is a pass light also which may help you to overtake the other vehicles even in the dense fog. The riding experience of this bike is unpredictable. The bike is easy to ride and easy to handle. The price of this bike is also very favourable and you can easily buy this bike with your short budget.

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