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August 25, 2020
UM Runner Renegade Commando Feature Review

UM Runner Renegade Commando Feature Review

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The Runner has a good reputation among all the domestic brands of Bangladesh. If we see the roads of Bangladesh, we will see mostly Indian and Chinese bikes are a lot more in number. But the Runner is quite good and has gained the real worth of money; much more ahead as a local brand with the comparison with other local brands. On the contrary, UM being an American brand it always produces vehicle by considering the needs of general people same time, accessories of the vehicles. You may choose this bike as your dream bike.

What it looks like

The first attractive thing of this bike which is going to draw the customers attention is its exceptional design. As this is a Cruiser bike that is, for this reason, the company has tried to give it all the shape of a cruiser and its special attraction is its Commando look. UM Runner has tried their level best to give this one the same shape as we see in the movies. This one has heavy tyres, stylish graphics, round shape headlamp, wide in size and other features have nicely given by UM Runner. And it is better to mention that this bike is much more amazing to ride on it then read in details through words.


What about of its size? The bike dimension is as follows, 2290 mm long, 900 mm wide and its height is 1390 mm. Generally, a cruiser bikes height and weight are low from the general bikes and the same thing has happened here. Its seat height is 770 mm from the ground without this scale, its ground clearance mark is 150 mm and wheelbase is 1550 mm. The most amazing matter of this bike is, its fuel tanker is very much muscular in size from the other bike and it can hold 18 litres of fuel at a time. It can be undoubtedly said that this one has the ever most big size of fuel tank among the bikes of Bangladesh in the shame segment and by having all, its total weight is 163 kg. Diamond body frame is kept and used in this bike.

Brakes and Suspension

They have designed this bike with 280mm disc break in the front wheel and the rear wheel has drum break. The front wheels disc brake is larger than the rear one and which will make easy to have proper control over this giant. On the contrary, the front part has a telescopic fork and the mono-shock rear wheel has double dumper suspension by which the cruiser bikes make the riders feel very much easy over it. It can be assumed that these all will let your riding experience more comfortable that you never felt.

Tyres and Wheels

To give this bike a more attractive and aggressive look over the giant size, its wheel has the tyre of 110/90-16 size and the rear wheel has 140/90-16 tyre. Because of the wide tyres and heavy wheels of this bike, the rider will feel the advantage while control and will have the exact balance.

Needless to say that, according to its size, design and other related issues,  the bike is fit for all the bike lovers. But I think the engine is not so powerful. It would have been quite good if disc break is used in the rear wheel. This will increase the enjoyment level of the rider to have exact control over it why because its weight is high as a 150 cc bike.

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