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July 23, 2020
TVS Apache RTR 150 Feature Review

TVS Apache RTR 150 Feature Review

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The TVS Apache brand has brought the new idea and attraction from its origin. The reflection of their idea is TVS Apache RTR 150. This is a classic and premium bike. The bike gets the dual brake system and the robust tank indicates the bike is more powerful than other ones. The thin and classic handlebar of this bike easily attracts any bike riders. The kerb weight of this bike is 137 kg. The bike has two variants one is red while the other is blue. The blue is better than the red one, I think so.

General Features

The name of this bike is TVS Apache RTR 150 and the model is Apache RTR 150 series. The available colour of this bike is red and blue which I have said before. The price of this bike is 164,000 and the brand is TVS. The type of bike is a sports bike and this is one of the best bikes from all the sports bike. The bike is available in Bangladesh. The bike is robust in size but the seat height of this bike is very high. So, only the person who is tall enough can ride this bike easily. This bike is very well you can ride on this bike even undulated road comfortably.

Engine and Transmission

 Air-cooled, 4 strokes, cylinder engine is used to TVS Apache RTR 150 bike and the displacement of this bike is 147.6 cc which is a very powerful engine and can claim the maximum power as 10.4 kw @ 8500 RPM and the maximum torque of this bike is 12.9 Nm @ 6000 RPM. The great thing is; the bike claims its top speed which is 120 kilometer per hour within a very few seconds. The kerb weight of this bike is 136 kg. The disc and drum-shaped brakes have been used to this bike as front and rear brake respectively. Carburetor type fuel supply system is used to the bike. The transmission system of this bike is manual and 5 numbers of a gearbox are used to this bike and the bore, stroke ratio of this bike is unknown because there is no official notice about stroke and bore ratio of this bike. The bike has air-cooled system engine and the engine has fine mobility, durability, and adaptability with any times even in the rough road. The compression ratio of this bike is also unknown.

Mileage and Performance

 This bike gives 45 kmph maximum speed. The average mileage of TVS Apache RTR 150 bike is 20 km per hour. But I think, on the highway, you may get about 50 kilometers per liter mileage but in the busy traffic cities this mileage may fall into 40 kilometers per liters. But I am recommending you to buy this bike because the robust sized fuel tank can hold about 16 liters of fuel which will help to ride on it in the long-distance without any hassle. Double cradle STIFF system chassis has been used for this bike.

 Dimension and Capacity

 The length of this bike is 2085 mm and the width of this bike is 730 mm while the height of the bike is 1105 mm and 165 mm ground clearance has been used to this bike and the base of this bike is 1300 mm driving experience of the bike is very well. The bike can reach its top speed within a few seconds. The headlight, taillight, and turn signaling lamp are very well and quite distinct from others. The battery type is MF system.

 Final Words

There is a Combi brake system but not the ABS. The X-shaped LED light makes the bike very aggressive. All the measuring meter of this bike speedometer, Tachometer, gear indicator, and fuel warning indicator are digitally configured. But one thing is missing; the bike has not low fuel indicator which is made for you difficulties while you are riding in this bike. So, don’t be late buy this bike and enjoy the best riding experience.

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