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July 22, 2020
Lifan KPS 150 Feature Review

Lifan KPS 150 Feature Review

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Lifan could be a leading China whole bike producing company whose merchandise is presently on the market in Bangladesh. They accustomed to giving the most recent technology product at intervals the foremost affordable worth. However thanks to China’s whole origin, they nevertheless this bike attains huge advantages from Bangladesh. Russell Industries is that the main distributor of Lifan motorcycles in Bangladesh and KPR 150 is their best product until currently. But, recently they have bought two latest bikes from Lifan and currently, they are retesting them.

Design and Looks

The Lifan KPS 150 is a lot of alike with a street bike that is relatively smaller it looks. Though, the bike is a lot of trendy than any naked edition bike that has a beautiful fuel tank with aggressive kits which will give you the beautiful sight to this bike. The bike is getting sold in two variants colors, one is red and another is white. The bike is so light in weight. Only 127 kg is the kerb weight of this bike. It will really help you to handle this bike in any uncertain situation. The handlebar of this bike is so attractive to ride with this bike. Besides, the bike contains a larger and well-shaped fuel tank which might contain 14 liters of fuel.

Engine Performance

The engine of Lifan KPS 150 is somewhat alike with KPR 150 that is a 149 cc displacement enclosed and liquid cooling technology enclosed. Consists of 14.8 Bhp @ 8500 rate soap power similar to KPT 150 and soap force is 14 Nm @ 6500 rates. Thanks to the powerful engine, it will give over a 120 km per hour high speed simply by a six-speed casing. Like KPR, it's no kick beginning system. It is really a powerful engine holder bike which will help you to attain the top speed within a brief time. Besides, the bike contains a larger and well-shaped fuel tank which might contain 14 liters of fuel.

Dimensions and Seating Position

Although the bike looks tiny amount small in keeping with the formally discharged dimension, it’s length 2060 millimeters that are pretty enough and commonplace level, dimension 745 millimeters that could be a bit less and height of the bike is 1080 millimeter that looks commonplace level. Though, it's considered regular class street bike, however, possesses cool engine technology similar to the sports bike. Thanks to a much better seating position and comfy seat, the bike will carry to passengers simply. Thanks to small in size, the dry weight of the bike is one hundred forty-five kilo that could be a bit but Lifan KPR 150.

Suspension and Brakes

Complete latest designed front suspension is employed for the bike that is the other way up and for the rear, the central freelance damper is employed. Suspensions are smart which might give smart comfort to the riders. Besides, in front-wheel, a 300-millimeter hydraulic brake is employed that is pretty larger than Lifan KPR and would supply higher safety. The hydraulic brake is additionally used for the rear wheel. However, the rear tyre is sort of wider than KPR which might grip relatively higher.

Electricals and Mileage 

Although the bike is nevertheless to be disclosed then, the correct mileage wouldn’t be counted. However considering the specifications of Lifan KPS a hundred and fifty, it might give over 50 km per liter mileage average. The electrical device of KPS 150 is completely modified that consists of a digital meter, digital measuring device, digital gear show, and digital clock, etc. Besides, a transparent lens system turn lamp is enclosed within the bike.


Although the worth of this bike was a bit high once it was launched however immediately reduced its price. There are two colors like White and Black is obtainable for the primary time. Both colors of this bike are so unique and dashing. The real worth of this bike will never below at all. Because of its trendy features and unbelievable performances. 

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