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July 22, 2020
Hero Achiever 150 Feature Review

Hero Achiever 150 Feature Review

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The Hero Achiever 150 bike is the new attachment to the Hero motorcycle manufacturer. They have recently launched a dashing and stylish bike and the model name of this bike is Achiever. Yes, it is; the full name of this bike is Hero Achiever. The bike will offer the best riding experiences through all the motorcycle riders. The Hero motorcycle manufacturer has given some new features and parts to this bike.

Design and Features

Close your eyes for a second and conjure up in your mind the basic template for a 150cc Indian motorcycle that is meant to appeal to the economy-conscious and you’ll have the design of the Achiever 150 down pat. The hero is emphatic in its declaration that the bike isn’t meant to cater to those types, and it shows. There are no flashy curves and details here, just the silhouette of a mature and calm workhorse.

Engine Specifications

This bike possesses the engine as like as air-cooled, 4-stroke, single-cylinder OHC. And the engine performance is very well. The bike can take only a few seconds to get the top speeds. The engine transmission of this Hero Achiever 150 is 149.1 cc and it can claim the 13.59 PS @ 8000 rpm while it produces 12.80 Nm @ 5000 rpm. The engine gets the 2 valves per one cylinder. The power transmission type lies in the chain drive strategies. The bike has a multi-plate type clutch system that will help you to control this bike at any time.

Fuel Tank

The fuel tank of Hero Achiever 150 bike is not so robust but It can hold about 12 liters of fuel. And as the bike has a better mileage average so easily you can complete your family tour with this bike. The tank is smooth and a red-white has been placed through the fuel tank. The bike is known for its stylish fuel tank. The notch placed on the fuel tank makes the bike very much attractive and aggressive. The riders can easily ride this bike and he will get the enjoyment while he will ride on it because the notch on the fuel tank will help the rider to easily sit on it.

Tyres and Brakes

The tyre dimension of this bike is as like as the front is 80/100-18 while rear one is 80/100-18. The most important thing is; the bike has no tube through its tyres. The tyres are tubules. The brake of this bike is also very much standard, the front brake type is a disc and the rear one is drum type. The bike possesses the radial tyres also. The wheels of this bike are made of aluminum alloy. So, it will give you better durability over the years. On the highway, it performed normally. The bike wobbles on the highway due to crosswinds.

 Riding Experience 

On the highway, it performed normally. The bike wobbles on the highway due to crosswinds. While a single rider the top speed was 116 km/h. The engine response was good. Chassis balance too was good but again we felt that those thin rear tyres did no justice to the bike overall balance. These tyres, coupled to the fiercely conventional telescopic forks upfront and the non-adjustable twin shock absorbers at the rear. 


In compliance with the new government regulations that stipulate that every two-wheeler on sale in India should have their headlights on at all times, the Achiever 150 becomes one of the first Indian bikes to incorporate this feature. The Achiever was never intended to slice up your local road, nor even that spanking new flyover that just got built outside your hometown. You may undoubtedly buy this bike for getting better riding experience.

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