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July 23, 2020
H Power GP 165 Feature Review

H Power GP 165 Feature Review

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The H Power GP 165 is the updated sports bike in Bangladesh but H Power is a reputed Chinese brand. Almost all the parts of the bike are imported from China but the bike used to be assembled in Bangladesh. Though it is a Chinese bike it's quality and riding performance is comparatively better than most Chinese manufactured bikes. The bike is available in Bangladesh for several days and for its better performance and better premium products, it’s demand is increasing day by day than most Chinese bikes. However, I think the price of the bike is so favorable where most of the sports bike’s price is huge.

Feature of H Power GP 165

The looks of H Power GP 165 are too great which has offered the fantastic fuel tank and comfortable seating position. The combination of the fuel tank and the body shape is very good. Besides, the riding experience of the bike is stylish and very effective. Besides, the headlamp and the tail light of the bike is exceptional and extraordinary. At the front,  the headlamp makes the bike more attractive and more favorable toward others the bike would be chosen by the most stylish headlamp. Besides, the engine power is planned, designed and connected with the other fairing. I think, within the budget, it would be the most dashing and amazing looking bike.

Engine Performance

 The bike has gained a 165 cc engine where the maximum power of the bike is 18 Bhp @ 8500 rpm. However, the most attractive fact is that it look along with the speed is very good. Some website has claimed that it’s top speed is more than 140 km per hour but it would not less than 130 km per hour. One thing seems great to me, that engine of the bike is designed with four-stroke, single-cylinder, and oil-cooled where only electric starting system is included. The six-speed gearbox and suitable oil grade make the bike more speedy and sporty.

Dimensions & seating position

The bike H Power GP 165 is more robust and quite bigger than looks where it is 2130 mm long, 790 mm wide and 1210 mm high though seat height is 810 mm. However, the wheelbase of the bike is greater which is 1330 mm and so, it’s speed is good. The fuel tank can hold 16 liters and the dry weight of the bike is 145 kg. Having the dual seating position, the bike looks sporty where one pillion can ride comfortably.

Suspension & Brakes

 Telescopic forks suspension is better for all the bike and standard category bikes which is used for the front wheel of H Power GP 165. Pendulum, mono amortization suspension is used for the rear part which makes the bike more comfortable. For the quality rear suspension, the bike will provide better performance during top speed. The chassis and suspensions of the bike are completely sporty. As like as most of the sports bikes, the company has also used dual hydraulic disc brakes which ensures the good controlling of the bike. The front disc of this is better than the rear one.


Being a high power engine bike, H Power GP 165 can’t provide better mileage than others. For this reason, it’s demand can be increased if it would have the fuel injection system. Based on some users it can be said that H Power GP 165, the bike would provide almost 38 km mileage on the highway and an average of fewer than 40 km. H Power GP is a semi-faired sports bike. Generally, sport bikes have to have some qualities and it has also these qualities.

At Last

The price of this bike is affordable enough to buy this bike within your limited budget. And most bike holders have given their reviews positively on this bike. I am also saying so. Besides, I am rating this bike 4.9 out of 5 based on the riding experience of this bike.

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