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September 30, 2020
Beetle Bolt Alligator 150 V2 Feature Review

Beetle Bolt Alligator 150 V2 Feature Review

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Nowadays we tend to all understand that our motorbike market is rising, varied motorbike makers from totally different countries are activity their motorcycles in Bangladesh and that they also are obtaining common. Amongst those motorcycles producing company we tend to already realize complete Beetle. This stylish motorbike manufacturer already started their journey in our motorbike market and other people have begun to remark their fashionable and well-featured bikes.

Looks and Outfits 

The looks and outfits are the same as the previous one and it goes before Beetle Bolt Alligator. If you want to buy a motorcycle then it would be your wise decision to buy the Beetle Bolt Alligator V2 bike. Giant size fuel tank with outstanding body kits, twin headlights, split seats, trendy taillight, and simple disc brakes with alloy rims build will simply provide the rider gaudy feelings with this bike and therefore the new graphics make the outlooks additional pleasing for all

Design and Dimension

Talking regarding style planning the look it is often aforementioned outlooks of this is entrancing thanks to its arrow dynamic design. For creating the looks additional insistent simple disc brakes are paced that gave depth to the planning. A higher dimension additionally provides this bike with absolute style. At the measuring one modification is created from the previous version which is that the seat height is currently 770 mm. This sort of seat height is an additional ideal for any quite riders. Except for the seat height the opposite measuring remains constant, 2061 mm length, 730 mm dimension, and 1106 mm height. 

Engine Features 

As we have seen to the opposite bikes Beetle Bolt continually tries and places their best effort into building the engine of that’s why they didn’t modification something at this version of Beetle Bolt Alligator V2. This bike additionally has a 149.5cc Air-cooled, single-cylinder, four-stroke engine. The compression magnitude relation is 9:3:1 and holds a five-speed sleek gearbox. To power up the engine, this bike contains an electrical beginning choice solely. This kind of engine will perform well claimed by their own company and that they additionally claim sensible speed and mileage performance still.


Among the key changes created for this remake is its suspension. Currently, it’s simpler and similar just like the different 150 cc high-performance bike. Rather than traditional telescopic suspension telescopic the other way up suspensions are placed and at the front aspect and mono-shock suspension remained at the rear aspect. This sort of suspensions will offer improved comfort and soft riding expertise.

Tyres and Brakes

As we have seen at the opposite bike of Beetle Bolt Alligator V2 their most appealing options are these two things, brakes, and tires. At this remake, they continue to be constant. Double Disc plates are used for the front braking and single-disc plates are placed for the rear aspect, each front and rear wheel contains disc brakes that such a pleasing factor further normal still. While not the braking tyres are stunning as a result of this bike contains constant tire of the 110/70-17mm front tyre and 150/70-17mm rear tyre that are the widest tire among all the 150 cc bikes.

What Next? 

Mater panel remains constant because of the previous model of Alligator V2. It’s featured with currency and every one ar placed for easy use. The Meter panel is digital, meter, RMP indicator, fuel gauge, clock each required things are there just like the past model. No huge changes at the electrical still for this remake. So, it is the best time to visit our beloved site to know more about the Bettle Bolt Alligator V2 motorcycle. 

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