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Bajaj Pulsar NS160 Feature Review

Bajaj Pulsar NS160 Feature Review

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Bajaj Auto has launched the Pulsar NS160 with dashing looking, standard features, a Bajaj official confirmed to sports-bike. The bike has been priced at your favorable range and we know a formal announcement followed post 1 July 2017 after the Goods and Services Tax kicks in. The Pulsar NS160 bike was tested recently,  and it has passed all the tests and which paved way for speculation about its launch. The Pulsar NS160 is already on sale in markets such as Nepal and Turkey, Bangladesh and now it is ready to serve filling up the gap that existed between the Pulsar 150 and the Pulsar 180.

Engine and Design

The Pulsar NS160 gets a 160.3 cc motor and the thing is the bike is oil-cooled. It can make 15.3 bhp at least 8,500 rpm and 14.6 Nm at 6,500 rpm, according to the given specifications. The engine is paired to a 5-speed gearbox with 6 numbers of gears. The motorcycle is built around a steel perimeter frame and has a box-section with distinct features. The weight of this bike is around 142 kg. The black sheath of the tank of this bike makes more distinct than other bikes of the Bajaj brand.

About Comfort and Handling

The suspension is slightly on the softer side of the rider sit, so the Pulsar NS160 isn’t as stiffly sprung as, say the NS200, but that means it offers a more comfortable and enjoyable, plusher ride and that is a bonus for the daily commute, commute, highway or in-city duties. In traffic and within the city, the bike steers with the right precision and will certainly satisfy a lot of riders going over, muddy, sandy, rocky, undulations, broken roads and the like. Wide turning radius and high seat height along with good quality suspension could be slightly cumbersome for some riders.

Features and Safety

The excellent features within proper security and safety system make the bike more popular than others. Speedometer, odometer, along with the trip meter all of those are digital. But the console might be digital or analog. There are no ABS facilities on this bike. The engine immobilizer Is here. And the worst thing is that the bike has not anti-theft alarm; that may cause severe danger while parking. There is two footrest block in this bike passenger can easily and comfortably ride through the long distance.

Electrical, Tyres and Brakes

The headlight is a halogen system and LED tail light is used to this bike. The battery type is 12 V mad and there is a low fuel indicator also that will remind you of the absence of sufficient amount fuel in your motorcycle. Tubeless tires are used to this bike and the front brake is disc type while the rear one is drum type. Both of the tires pressure is 25 psi.

First Riding Experience

Our first ride of the Pulsar NS160 was in the rainy day, and wet roads, so we didn’t really get to explore the bike’s handling to its full potential, but we have tried our best. Bajaj Pulsar NS160 stays stable, planted and the perimeter frame offers admirable poise that we really enjoyed. Sometimes matter of an irritant is the wide turning radius; the NS160 requires some room for taking U-turn’s and for the narrow road, but it’s only a matter of getting used to, it’s total will depend upon you and not really a deal-breaker.

The Bajaj manufacturer has offered such a sport-bike with full of trendy features. It will meet up all your dreams about the motorcycle. The pros and cons of the motorcycle have been exposed to you. Now the decision is yours; you can buy this bike undoubtedly.

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