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July 23, 2020
Bajaj Discover 150F Feature Review

Bajaj Discover 150F Feature Review

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The Bajaj Discover 150 F shares a major part of its body structure with the other motorcycle of Discover 125 ST, just like the Discover 150S, which was launched along with the distinct and dashing features. The braking techniques, exhaust, seat, mirrors, and the mono-shock suspension have been borrowed from the Discover 125 ST but the parts of the discover 150 F is quite better than the Discover 125 ST. While Bajaj maintains that the Discover 150F has been discontinued and those bike lovers who want to buy can visit a showroom, several Bajaj dealerships have already run out of stock of the Discover 150F motorcycle.

Bajaj Discover 150F Engine Feature

Bajaj Discover 150F, having the powerful engine quality makes the body shape more aggressive than the other motorcycles and make it more stable and more durable. The popularity of the Discover series is increasing day by day for its dashing design, classy look, and easy repairing characteristics. This series is also known well and admired for better fuel efficiency. And currently this new model, Bajaj Discover 150 F has also added the power & touring feature. The air-cooled engine has been used through this motorcycle having the 4 valves per cylinder.

Mileage Performance

According to the review of the Bajaj Discover 150F owners, the real mileage of Discover 150F is 58 kmpl. But as per the dealership point of view, the average mileage of Discover 150F is 60 kmpl. It delivers better mileage that can be efficient about 90% than any other commuters. With a fuel tank capacity of 10 liters, I used to go for a long trip with the younger brother up to 720 kms on a full tank. While ideal mileage figures are achieved under the ideal test drive of this motorcycle, the real mileage may vary because of the behavior of the riding road and riding habits of riders.

Bajaj Discover 150F Wheel, Suspension, Brake, and Control Feature

From my visual inspection on Bajaj Discover 150F, one thing I observed as the controlling feature of this bike seems quite distinct and improved. With the upright position of seat and pipe handlebar make the bike more dashing. Comfortable height from the level ground, footpeg and gear lever position is also quite different and good. The new Bajaj Discover 150F comes with tubeless tyres on both wheels. And both wheels and the standard braking facilities are large and hard enough to protect the bike from dirt and mud even in the heavy rainy season.

Few Observations on Bajaj Discover 150F

Bajaj has added quite enhancements and extra attachments in this new featured bike. As the bike looks good in some aspect but sometimes it seems to me that the bodyweight of the bike is quite light and don’t able to face any uncertainties. Bajaj has offered the commuter user to practice more power and touring confidence with a couple of distinct features of the Discover series. But from my personal inspection if it might have few more development for safe riding.

Safe Riding Experience

I used to ride on this bike almost every day in the week. I think the mono-shock suspension facilities and tight braking system help me enough to face any uncertainties while riding on the road. One day I trapped into a traffic jam and there created a space for the severe accident but with the help of a standard brake of this bike, I avoided such kind of accident that day.

In some final words, I want to say you that the bike helps me to fulfill the dream of bike riding. My younger brother also reviewed on the bike positively. The Bajaj Discover 150 has offered us a distinct feature at a favorable price. You should also buy this motorcycle to taste the real taste of bike riding.

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