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July 23, 2020
Bajaj Avenger Street 150 Feature Review

Bajaj Avenger Street 150 Feature Review

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The Bajaj motorcycle manufacturer successfully has launched the latest and modern motorcycle named Bajaj Avenger Street 150. The motorcycle is long enough to easily ride on it with two passengers along with the rider. That is really distinct feature than other motorcycles. The thinly shaped bike lets you make your journey full of comfort and enjoyment. Bajaj motorcycle brand has offered the best possible quality bike ever with distinct trendy features. The key specifications of this bike are aggressive enough to draw the attention of all bike lovers.

Pros and Cons on Bajaj Avenger Street 150

Stylish Bajaj auto has launched cruise and street quality based of motorcycle, I was closely following view, review and expert’s comments about street (especially 150) versions and almost each and every one of them has remarked it with Harley Davidson street 750, I think that is really true to words. When I bought this motorcycle last week as my birthday gift, I have got the same feeling while I am on the road in riding.

Engine Performance, Fuel Economy, and Gearbox

Being a 150cc engine, avenger Street outperforms other 150cc bikes available in the market with favorable prices. Pick-up is quite surprising with over 150kg bodyweight. I could not check fuel efficiency till now, but I am doing guess that it will go for a couple of miles with 1-liter fuel. So, undoubtedly it is a great mileage performance. Gearbox along with clutch and braking performance is awesome, it is so smooth and silent to ride on it.

Standard Features

Both speedometer and tachometer are digital type without gear indicating option. There is a matter of sorrow that there is no low oil indicator on this bike. But the fuel warning indicator or fuel gauge present here. Engine kill switch makes the motorcycle one level upper than others based on quality. 12 voltage battery has been used to this bike. There is a thing about this bike is it posses the passing light that will help you to overtake other vehicles.

Final words

1. The bike has a persistent starting facilities with bit problems. It takes around 10 minutes to warm up with high throttle or choke.

2. It continuously skips rhythms and does not produce a smooth ride all the time long.

3. It feels like as there is a blockage in fuel supplying problem. It is not regularly happened but sometimes.

4. Almost after every ride, leakage of fuel can be seen from fuel filter pipe. Around 5-10 ml of petrol leaks almost every 4-5 km ride.

5. The bike is an awesome looking thing with classy looking. Very eye eye-catching, super cool color and design.

6. Got enough power to cruise in the city within a traffic jam and a long drive to outskirts. But a little less for long-distance journeys.

Ride Quality &Handling

Riding and handling experience is excellent. It feels like you are riding with the passenger in the biking seating on a sofa. Ride quality & handling ride quality also very smooth till now. But I feel a fuel supply problem, poor quality of mileage performance. Handling just perfect as much as possible. Everything better you can get.

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