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July 23, 2020
Aprilia STX 150 Feature Review

Aprilia STX 150 Feature Review

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The Aprilia brand is one of the largest and famous motorcycle manufacturers in Italy. The company gives you the best quality motorcycle with favorable prices. Aprilia motorcycle series is very effective and modern in this modern world. Nevertheless, to say, the bike of Aprilia brand is the most favorable and long-lasting motorcycle ever. Finding the best quality motorcycle is quite tough, but don’t worry you can easily buy the bike of Aprilia brand that will give you better pleasure than other ones.

Aprilia STX 150

The Aprilia STX 150 is an entry-level naked commuter and classic bike from the manufacturer in Italy. The motorcycle is on sale in Bangladesh and India and it was showcased at the conference to gauge dealer response. Reports suggest that the STX 150 does garner enough interest from India’s dealer-partners. The features of this bike are also dashing and fascinating also.

Design and Transmission

The design of this bike is eye-catching enough to draw the attention of all bike lovers. The skeletal system of this bike is aggressive and classy looking for the Aprilia STX 150 bike can meet up the desire of all bike lovers. Hook like structure is placed on the fuel tank that is gorgeous. The bike figure is so slim to ride.


The engine displacement is 149 cc, single-cylinder, and 4-stroke engine. The bike can get 90 kmph top speed within some seconds. Forced air cooling system with multiple wet clutch system is used to this bike. The gearbox is 5-speed along within 6 numbers of gears. The bore and the stroke ratio of this motorcycle are 62mm×49.5mm. The gear type is manual.

Tyres and Wheel Types

Both wheels are made of Aluminium alloy. And both of the tires are made of high-quality rubber. Tires are furnished with the spikes and grips. This will hold you while you are riding a bike on slippery Road. 1330 mm is the size of the wheelbase. The standard size wheel and the tyre will give you some advantage while turning.

Seat and Suspension

The rider seat is comfortable to ride smoothly. And the rear seat has a wide curve to sit on. The passenger will get extra comfort while riding. The front and rear suspension of this motorcycle is 2 hydraulics shock absorber with separate features. This stylish seat will make you journey more comfortable than others.

Brakes and Headlight

The front brake is a 240 mm disc with a four-piston caliper. But the rear brake is drum system and size is 104 mm. The braking system allows you to quickly control your bike speed. It reduces the intensity of accidents. On the contrary, the headlight of this bike is quite unique than others. The light will help you to ride smoothly in the night full of fog.

First Ride

The first riding experience of the Aprilia STX 150 motorcycle is unbelievable. It just seems smooth and fine. You can feel the weather directly while riding on this bike.


Aprilia STX 150 bike can meet up the desire of all people. For your smooth and safe journey, you can choose this motorcycle with favorable prices. Most of the bike lovers are looking at this type of bike with their budget. You can undoubtedly buy this motorcycle because this is the best bike ever.

Fuel Tank

The fuel tank is thin in diameter but it can contain around 10 liters fuel. You can easily go for a long trip with a fully loaded tank. The curve on the fuel tank makes this bike more classic and smart.  The cover of the fuel tank is smooth and beautiful.

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