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July 23, 2020
Aprilia SR 150 Feature Review

Aprilia SR 150 Feature Review

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Aprilia has launched the SR 150 for a favorable price. The large 14-inch alloy wheels, twin headlamps implanted in the front part of this motorcycle. The model is available in the showroom in three colors including Black, White, and silver. The bike gets the sporty look across the body and the design of this bike is aggressive.

Aprilia SR 150 Looks

One glance at the scooter and you realize how differently styled it is from the rest of the other scooters that we have in the showroom. The sharp lines on the scooter and the bold halogen headlamp in front define the assertive harmony of the scooter. Thailand made 120/70 14-inch tires, later on, accentuate the aggressive appearance of the bike.

Engine Specification

The engine powering the Aprilia SR 150 is a 154.80cc, single-cylinder, 4-stroke air-cooled engine. It has an automatic gearbox; the motor is good for 10.4bhp of peak power and 11.5Nm of top torque. The top speed of this bike is 101.21 kmph. The weight of the bike is 122 kg.

Wheels and Tyres

The best part about this scooter is the big 14-inch alloy wheels which are tubeless and come with fat 120mm tires, both front, and back. Both wheels and tires are stable enough to face any accidents. Both of the wheels and tires are so strong and stable enough to stay fit for a long time.

Handling and Braking

The front and rear brakes are disc and drum-type respectively. The front brake size is 220 mm when the rear brake is 140 mm. As the braking system is standard so the handling system will be very smooth and comfortable. The smooth and comfortable handle adds extra enjoyment to the handling system.

Suspension Quality

The suspension quality is very smooth and attractive than the other scooters. The front and rear, both sides suspension are monoshock types. As a result, it will give a greater feeling while riding. The rear suspension makes the passenger’s journey much more enjoyable.

Headlight and Side Signals

The headlight is halogen type and the sidelights are gorgeous looking. The two sidelights are placed on both two sides of the handle. Two mirrors help you to observe both sides and also the backside while you are driving.

Key Features

The speedometer is an analog type even though it looks beautiful. Both kicking and electrical starting facilities, you can get from this bike. But it has not antilock braking system (ABS) and pillion backrest system. Even so, you can get facilities of pillion grabrail and pillion footrest system. The battery quality is so high and it has a free battery maintenance system. CVT system clutch system is placed through the motorcycle.

First Riding

The first impression is the best impression. The first riding experience is they beggar description. It will give you the real taste of bike riding. The bike lovers should take a taste of the first riding of Aprilia SR 150 motorcycle. As a result, they will get the real experience of bike riding.


In the end, it can be said the new model of Aprilia brand the Aprilia SR 150 is the scooter ever. Easily two persons can ride at a time. And the women can easily drive this bike without any risk. The mileage along with the fuel is also more favorable than other motorcycles.

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