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July 23, 2020
Aprilia SR 125 Feature Review

Aprilia SR 125 Feature Review

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 Aprilia motorcycle brand announces the limited-edition scooter to celebrate the world championship with full of enjoyment. This brand has created two scooters which add a whole lot of excitement to the ordinary day. Every scooter of the Aprilia series has an eye-catching ability and can catch the customer’s attention. Aprilia motorcycle will help you to become stylish and dashing with gorgeous Aprilia Motorcycle.

Aprilia SR 125

The SR 125 embodies the combination of aggressive and fascinating sports style and the performance. The pros and cons of this bike are the beggar description. Both males and females can ride this motorcycle easily. The controlling system of this motorcycle is so smooth and attractive.

Engine Specifications

The bike will offer you the best quality engine with 125 cc engine. The air-cooled, single-cylinder engine is used for this motorcycle. The engine is strong and durable enough to stay fit throughout the years. The engine sound of this bike is not so irritating. It looks smarter than the other scooters. The engine quality is so high; the engine will give you the extra feelings of riding.

About Top Speed

The motorcycle takes only a few seconds to get the top speed. The top speed ability of this bike is 98 kmph. The maximum power of Aprilia SR 125 motorcycle is 9.6 PS @ 7250 rpm, and 9.9 Nm @ 6250 rpm is the maximum torque. This is a sports-type scooter, and you can easily compete with others in the race with this bike.

Electrical and Headlight

The bike possesses the 12 V batteries to supply all the relevant power, such as energy for headlights, starting the bike through an electric sparking system. The headlight type of this bike is halogen. This halogen light will give you extra pleasure while riding in the night. The analog system speedometer and the self-starting system are really amazing.  

Available Colors

This scooter has been designed with several colors. The classic black and white colors are available in the market. Now the silver color motorcycle is also available in the showroom. And the upcoming color of this bike will be blue. The blue color is the best color choice according to my personal opinion.

Brakes and Wheels types

The braking system and handling categories are so much good than other motorcycles. The front brake pads are hydraulic types along with the single disc. But the rear brake is made of the drum. Overall the braking system will give you the best riding experience. Both of the wheels are the same in size, 14 inch. And those wheels are made of Aluminum alloy.

Key Features

The speedometer system is analog but you may get the right information about your riding speed from this analog speedometer. But it has an only self-starting system that is not so good. The bike has facilities of pillion footrest facilities along with a shift lighting system. The mono-shock suspension is used both in front and rear sides of SR 125.

Standard Features

Lack of the Antilock Braking System (ABS) of this motorcycle is not so good decision that I think so. The halogen type light is used to this motorcycle that looks like superb, and the light will help you to ride through the dark night even though the foggy weather.


This is the right time to go for a ride with Aprilia SR 125. Your journey with this motorcycle will be remarkable and enjoyable. Both the rider and passenger can enjoy the best riding experience through this motorcycle. Be smart and stylish one; be with Aprilia SR 125 motorcycle.

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